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​​The Benson family has been one of Key West's leading electrical contractors for 40 years. Benson Electric was founded by William Benson in 1974, with just an old blue van and some tools. Over the years the company grew, and when he was 14 Jolly began to learn the trade, starting by digging ditches in the coral caprock. By hand. Working for the company every summer, he soon learned the trade. But lighting was always the best part of the job

After graduating from the College of Charleston with a very useful degree in English Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing, Jolly drove from Key West to Panama and back, then held jobs as a clerk, projectionist, glazier, and made a short movie. Some months alone in a cabin in the ancient mountains of West Virginia were productive for writing, but not lucrative. Jolly decided to revive a part of the family business, focusing on lighting. His background as an electrician and keen eye for design made for a good fit for lighting.

Specializing in LED and high quality lights, Benson Lights has established itself as one of the Florida Keys' premier lighting design and installation companies. Let us work with you to get you the best lighting solution for your property.

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